The Making of a Super Car Rivalry

7 Dec 2018
Louis Corso

Anyone that knows me knows that I love cars and I also love history. Now, to marry the two of them well, that would just be the best.

So, I am going to tell you a story of a man and his passion for creating, his passion for racing and his love for all things mechanical.

First Let’s paint the picture and put you in the drivers’ seat (so to speak). Making you the star of this story.

Imagine you are a very successful entrepreneur and that you bought yourself an exotic sports car. Now, imagine that this amazing high-end exotic sports car has a problem (not that they every do) and you bring it not to the dealership, but to the manufacturer to get it repaired. Why, because first you can and second they really don’t have dealerships. They manufacturer are a one-of-a-kind exotic sports cars and your car is like a custom tailored suit.

You bring your amazing exotic car to the manufacturer to get it repaired (several times in fact) and the situation is not getting better. The issue is not resolved and you just want it fixed. What do you do? You, being who you are, decide to reach out to your peer at the company who is the CEO. The conversation starts off between you and their CEO. “Hi so and so, just to let you know, I have brought my car in several times to get it fixed and the same situation keeps cropping up. The gears need tweaking because it runs rough as I am shifting. I really don’t want to keep bringing the car back to get the same situation fixed. Can you please do something about it and I think you can solve the problem by doing this”. Then imagine the owner/CEO saying “it is your foot and you don’t know what you are talking about, because you don’t know how to drive the car.” Ah, um, what!? That would be my reaction along with a few choice words, but what would your first reaction be? Now you are not just any customer. You produce tractors for agriculture and they work in the dirt and not for racing or for road driving. The CEO of the car company reminds you of that and insults added to the injury and in this case this little tete-a-tete got this entrepreneur off to the races (literally).

It shouldn’t matter who you are as the customer, because you are the customer. I would put the question to you. If you had a way of keeping you as a customer and perhaps fixing the problem what would you do? Now, it just may be that being right or wrong is not the issue and getting the issue resolved is what is important, right? As it stands in this case both of are full of pride and this instance you decided to do what? Well, you decide to create your very own luxury sports car company and why not? You are a sports car fanatic and you love all things mechanical. That was the story of the beginning of Lamborghini and their rivalry with Ferrari. If you decided to create your own company, congratulations, you would be in league with Lamborghini.

Two things we should learn from this little story. First always, always listen to your customer and second never believe that they do not know what they are talking about. Always take your customer seriously. They just may be there to save you from yourself and help save your business. Lamborghini went on to create, in my opinion, some of the best supercars ever and one can argue that the Lamborghini Miura was the first real supercar. Oddly enough it was a car made against the wishes of Signore Lamborghini secretly made by the engineering team. Until they told him about it and he said “go for it”.

I truly believe that each one of us has a creative spirit and each of us can make a difference. It does not matter if it is cars or hamburgers or brooms. What matters it that we focus our energy and drive ourselves to create. The best way to start, is to start of small. Whatever you decide to focus on could very well be your passion. It will take some time to find it. We cannot all be like Signore’ Lamborghini that found a passion for all things mechanical early in life. It just may take a little time.

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