Suggesters and Innovators Wanted!

Get in on the Ground Floor

Looking to get in on the ground floor of a brand-new social media network? Use USuggest It to show potential employers, internships, and schools what you can do as a critical and creative thinker and problem-solver in a global community.

If you can constructively problem solve and innovate, let that be the first thing a potential employer or internship notices when they search for your online presence. Much of social media consists of complaining, boasting, or passing along someone else’s stuff. Stand out by doing something different.

USuggest It is building a new kind of social media—one based on innovation, crowdsourcing, and collaborative problem-solving. Become a model within this growing community and start a revolution in social media attitude!

Become a Suggester

How do you start? Simple. Make some suggestions. They can be about anything—a product, a process, an issue you care about. Go to to create your login and password and make a suggestion any time the inspiration strikes you!

Become an Innovator

When you make 10 suggestions that get posted and have an average of 10 likes each within a month, you become an Innovator, a leader within the USuggest It global community.

Once you’re an Innovator, if you’d like to expand your leadership role, send us a blog writing sample (personal essay or historical nonfiction—more on that below) and resume to become a Blog Writer. This is an unpaid internship that you can do from anywhere in the world, expanding your network and online presence.

As we grow and expand, effective Blog Writers will be selected to work for us as Moderators for suggestions.

Become a Blog Writer

USuggest It is looking for great writers for two types of blog articles:

  • Historical suggestion stories
  • Personal inspiration essays

Guidelines for historical suggestion stories on our blog:

  • Research suggestions that have led to significant improvements in policies, products, services in the past. These need to be actual true events.
  • Source material: Include two to three reliable, nonfiction links to verify and support the details you provide in the story. Make it clear which details are supported by the sources you’ve found. You may also hypothesize about missing information if you make it clear that you’re doing so.
  • Stay with the tone and length of USuggest It sample stories (250–750 words).
  • Story can be specific to a brand or it can be generic (about an invention or procedure or service before it was branded)

Guidelines for personal inspiration essays on our blog:

  • Tell the story of an inspired idea or solution you’ve had—especially if you haven’t known who to offer it to or how to get it to someone who could use it.
  • Tell your story in the first person (“I . . . We . . .”).
  • Include one to three links that are relevant to the telling of your personal suggestion anecdote. They may show examples of the object or problem you’re attempting to solve or provide context for your suggestion.
  • Stay with the tone and length of USuggest It sample essays (100–250 words).

Submit your first blog entry (either format) and resume to

Become an Editor for USuggest It

This position provides an opportunity to work for USuggest It from anywhere in the world, viewing new suggestions as they are submitted, developing standards for posting, and guiding suggestions to approval. You’ll hear more on this as you develop your role in the USuggest It community!

Join the Community

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find a way to create your own story and develop your ideas that will change the way brands interact with the people.